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Bespoke Training & Mentoring

The Craft and Design Innovation Programme is a collaborative project run by the British Council, SACICT (The Thai equivalent to the UK Crafts Council) and Carol Sinclair on behalf of the Cultural Enterprise Office.  It is supporting 20 Thai craft practitioners by developing skills in creative business, marketing, product development, and also to boost market channels, employment opportunities and incomes for the relevant communities. The project also prepares participants for international trading, included an exhibition of new work at the London trade fair, Craft, in January 2015. 


Carol travelled to Thailand to assist in the recruitment of participants and then developed a bespoke training programme which included workshops held in Bangkok and Chaing Mai, supported by online mentoring. The next phase of this project is currently in development, and is intended to facilitate international collaborations between makers and craftspeople. 


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Project Management

Creative Challenge Celtic Crescent North West, or 4CNW, was a European funded project initiated by Creative State North West based in Sligo, to support businesses in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland to commission creative expertise.  Carol was project manager for Scotland which included a collaborative developmental phase in Ireland, the recruitment of applicants in Scotland, then the role out of project brokerage role, some of which was across regions.  This project brought together creative practitioners with businesses in science, technology, food and tourism.  


Brokerage through the 4CNW project, included introducing therapeutic cell technology business Coolgenics to CGH Creative communications company.  The project started as a simple commission to develop a corporate logo, although the business relationship has now flourished and  CGH Creative have now developed the company brand, sales literature and website.


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Although now concluded, this project  facilitated the creation of a framework to support creative thinking in wider business environments, and Carol is currently developing a new project to utilise this knowledge and experience. 

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